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Seen: So...

posted 07.14.06

Written > An Inevitable Arrangement (in case you all missed it when it was posted for the Valentine's Invitational over at l'Academie...)

posted 06.06

So, what else can you find at the Buffet?

Well, over on the Written page you'll find a collection of stories. I suppose most of what's there would fall under the umbrella of lesbian fiction. And if lesbain fiction forgot to bring it's umbrella, then perhaps you might just call what's there soggy. Or maybe not. Why don't you go check it out for yourself and tell me what you'd call it - I'll take it under consideration.

You might also say that what appears in the Pictured pages is lesbian fiction... after all, lots of it is fictitious, and was written by a lesbian...

The Seen pages are all true. No fiction there, lesbian or otherwise. Nope. All true. Absolute-wise. Yep. <snort!>

If you wanted to push this line of thinking to the limit, you might start calling me a lesbian fiction... Any minute, you're not going to know what's real and what's lesbian fiction - what's the world coming to?

Dunno. Hope you enjoy it.