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If I've ever gone to a place and been blown over and over and over - the Grand Canyon was it. It's a stunner. I highly recommend it. I don't want to bore you with my inadequate descriptions so here are a few images. And if you're dying for some commentary too, you can surf over to my travelogue. Click here to do that.

The place is filled with amazing stuff.

No joke.

I took this image with this site in mind.
The view was unbelievable from this outcropping. The reason I was thinking of the site was the snake and scorpion bites I braved to get to the view. I was grumbling to myself that someone had better appreciate the fact that I was hanging on the edge of a friggin' cliff to get this picture. Ume says I'm exaggerating... but I'm not, I was really grumbling.

Reclining trees.
I was into all of the twisted scurb and brush all over the place.

This is not the cactus that I sat on...
I wouldn't be giving it the satisfaction
by putting its picture online.
Nasty succulent.

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