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Image: Brulee on the go...

Brulee dashes off to research another plotline. Ume's well seatbelted into the passenger side of the car. You can't see her, but she's wackin' my arm and telling me to watch the road. The wheels, she explains, know how to do their job.

Who needs an ego with a woman like that by your side?

Image: Thoughtful Brulee

Brulee conjures up another plot twist.

Image: Naughty as ever

Brulee, lookin' naughty as ever.

Strictly speaking... I don't remember ever looking this feminine...
I do, however, look like I'm up to something half the time, so this is a fairly accurate portrayal.

Image: Afternoon Guvna.

This is maybe even a little more accurate...

Just one more bit of foolishness I couldn't help myself from committing.



PS. I swiped these off of a Diana Rigg fan site:


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